Evviva’s global research and honest self-evaluation help Amazon understand and express their cultural DNA—and attract talent truly suited to their environment.

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Amazon is the world’s leading ecommerce company…and so much more. But how does one of the world’s most successful, most customer-obsessed companies attract and retain talent to a work environment the New York Times famously describes as “punishing?”


By building an honest, ambitious employer brand. Evviva conducted primary research across a range of sources, held internal and external groups in a variety of Amazon locations, and discovered something critical: people who succeed at Amazon don’t mind added pressure, as long as it’s balanced with the freedom to tackle challenges however they see fit. An ethos that consistently emerged across Amazon’s many lines of business was that of a pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit.

Evviva’s We Pioneer employer brand campaign expressed Amazon’s brand essence across a full suite of executions from photography, print and digital to ambient.


Results are positive but client-confidential.