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How does the world's leader in inspection and metrology get the world to think about inspection and metrology? By putting applied nanotechnology in the spotlight.

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KLA-Tencor is the global leader in inspection and metrology—the applied science of finding defects and errors in the chip manufacturing process. Unfortunately, inspection and metrology were not well understood either by experienced engineers or university talent. Which made attracting top talent a mission-critical problem. So KLA-Tencor turned to Evviva for global research and employer brand development.


In talking to leading engineers at KLA-Tencor and senior business executives, it became clear that the things that make inspection and metrology unique happen at the nanometer level. Chips were literally being examined and measured at atomic scale. And the way that world “looked” and behaved often defied convention. Gold appeared blue. Particles hopped in and out of existence.

This was work being done on the absolute bleeding edge of science and technology. Once we explained this to engineers, they were fascinated.


Evviva’s insights led to a brand position that emphasized nanotechnology and the opportunity to explore the true future of technology. The design of the ensuing employer brand awareness campaign used abstraction and vector art to bring nanotechnology to life in a mysterious and beautiful manner.

The campaign was built around a question: The future is calling. Will you answer? It helped KLA-Tencor connect with university students and experienced talent like never before. The campaign was rolled out in 11 countries and contributed to the strongest hiring results KT had seen in over 10 years.